Business Marketing Needs Assessment
Business NameWhat is the name of your business/company?
About Your BusinessPlease give a brief description of your business (50 words or less)*
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Where is your business located?
What City?
Phone Number
How did you find out about Loyalty Solutions?
What is the name of the person who Referred you?
Which Social Media Platform?
Which Search Engine did you use?
Branding, Website Development, Email Marketing
Do you have a logo for your business?
Do you have professionally designed business cards?
Company Website
Who are a few of your competitors?Please provide their websites.
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Is the information on your site current and updated regularly?
Do you collect business cards from customers?
Is there a system in place to collect email addresses and send automatic emails and newsletters?
Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click
Have you used Pay Per Click such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads?
Have you done any Search Engine Optimization?A variety of links, keywords and tags that are optimized to be found on major search engines like google.
Please list keywords you would want your business to show up for on major search engines.Example: niche and city (Barber Toronto)
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Check off which Search Engines you’ve set up and claimed your local search listings on
Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation
Are you aware if there is negative information about your business online?
Please provide link
Facebook Like PageFan Page
Please provide link
Pinterest account
Please provide link
Twitter account
Please provide link
LinkedIn account
Please provide link
Google+ account
Please provide link
YouTube Channel
Please provide link
Does your business use social marketing tools competently?
Does your business need help learning how to use these social marketing tools?
General Information
Is there a Referral or Loyalty program for existing customers?
Do you use coupons to generate new business?
Do you keep a spreadsheet or use a system to tally where calls and customers come from?
Who are your target customers?
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Current marketing budget
What are your biggest marketing challenges and concerns?
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